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The goal is to provide an easy way to install the WiDROP application to your linux box.



An initial package has been set up. First install test has been conduced on Nov. 14th on rpis, one worked directly as in (rpi model B), the second one failed during install. More detail here in French.

We have setup a git repository and a debian repository using a temporary DNS name, more details available below. Please note that there packages are still a work in progress.

For users



Widrop package turns your computer into a WIFI access point, DHCP server, that redirect every connections to the box (widrop) itself.

Don't except being able to still use the box for everyday internet use and connect using your desktop environnement manager after installing the package :)

Widrop packages has only being testing on debian squeeze. Wheezy support is work in progress.


A clean debian install, be it on a desktop/laptop/nslu2/rapsberry box or whatever.

Add the widrop debian repository
$EDITOR /etc/apt/sources.list:

Add a line for activating the widrop repository:

deb http://download.widrop.breizh-entropy.org/ ./
(optional) add the gpg key

This step is optional. However, without the GPG key apt will print you a warning.

wget http://download.widrop.breizh-entropy.org/pubkey.gpg
apt-gpg add pubkey.gpg
final install
apt-get install widrop

For developpers

Git repository



Public access:
git clone git://git.widrop.breizh-entropy.org/git/widrop
Developer access (drop us a line if you want an account):
git clone ssh://LOGIN@git.widrop.breizh-entropy.org/git/widrop

Build instruction:

(Requires: dpkg-dev)

mkdir dist
mkdir dist/pkg
cd src/pkg


The complete TODO list is available in git. Access via gitweb

Some chunks of code here.