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Qu'est ce que c'est ?

"30C3 is the 2013 edition of the Chaos Communication Congress, the Chaos Computer Club’s international conference and hacker party. During the four days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, thousands of technology enthusiasts, tinkerers, artists, utopians and <foo> from Europe and all over the world come together at the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH) to exchange ideas, learn and party together. Participants engage with topics covering information technology, computer security, the make-and-break scene, critically constructive ways of dealing with technology and its effects on our societies."

Dates: 27 au 30 Decembre.

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On vote au quorum et on sélectionne ce qu'on se regarde sur le vidéoprojecteur. On geeke en //.

Day 1

1Oh: ouverture et installation dans la salle

18h30 : Gwenchlan chope enfin la clé du bas pour lancer la session
Hardening hardware and choosing a #goodBIOS

19h30 : Keynote du 30C3

20h30 : The Tor Network

Day 2

11h30 : Hello World! How to make art after Snowden?

12h30 : Fast Internet-wide Scanning and its Security Applications

Day 3

Day 4


[Public Pad] notes et remarques.